I have never heard of this. Anyway, this soup is amazing. I made Texas toast to go with, a great accompaniment. I love this!!! would really like to try this…. •1 teaspoon ground celery seeds He would have adored this soup. The ones in your picture don’t look anything like the ones I’m using right now. I will eat anything with dill pickles. This is one of the best versions of wor wonton you’ll be able to … 3/4 tsp gr nutmeg Found out the hard way about old bay. It would still taste good! 1 Teaspoon curry powder ( can add more or less for kick factor) 1/2 Teaspoon white pepper Thanks for posting this recipe. If you are going to add the flour mixture in the pot directly, yeah, I’d lower the heat. But the juice is for my leg and foot cramps. I especially love making it as a 1st course for a holiday dinner. I used them in this recipe !!! Sorry you had trouble. I’m going to make this for him, it sounds perfect! Is there a substitute? Additionally, using salted butter works best when sauteeing the carrots and potatoes, as you won’t need to add any extra salt. I like taking a dill pickle and just piling the peanut butter on there – I don’t even need the bread! This soup is AMAZING. I cut the butter in half and would use lesst flour next time since the soup came out SO thick, but overall enjoyed it very much. Where do you come up with these “off the wall” recipes that always taste so wonderful!?! Taste for salt. If so do you think I can add it all together in the beginning or wait on the pickles until the last hr? You might see some initial little balls of flour form, but between the whisking and boiling all will disappear. Add water and bring to a boil for about 30 … (For the record, when my gravy lumps, it’s usually when I’m in too much of a hurry and have my burner set too high. I LOVE this soup so much!! wanted to try this creamy version by adding fennel,caraway and mustard seed, polish sausage, then topping with fine Swiss set under a under a broiler then a side of toasted rye croutons. Never fails! They are naturally fermented like sauerkraut. Saw this recipe on your top 13 recipes round up. Now I’m longing for a toasted cheese sandwich with dill pickles. Can’t wait to try this soup! Try this tip next time. Thanks. Marinate in the refrigerator for 8 to 12 hours. But today I added half an onion, two celery stalks and a few slices of bacon!!! https://www.delish.com/.../recipes/a51111/loaded-dill-pickle-soup-recipe intake. Hello fellow dill pickle soup lovers! I read all the comments and didn’t see this) I did this over and over till all the flour mixture was incorporated. Give it a try following the recipe and I believe you will see the difference. Perhaps 1/4 cup flour is correct? I’ll be making this sous for an event and I will keep it warm in a crockpot. The whisking of the roux made mine more of a chowder. I think ham would be good in it as well. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I was so excited to make this soup ever since I came across the recipe a few months ago! Is it available at most grocery stores , or is there a substitute for it > Thanks , we’d like to try this recipe . Ham and dill pickles are a great combo. This soup was a hit with my boyfriend! My nickname when I was I 4 years old was, “Pickles”, Dill pickle and peanut butter sandwiches! My dog’s name is Pickles. Sometimes, in certain recipes, when you freeze potatoes and sour crean they don’t reheat well. Also I would recommend using no salt broth and not adding salt until the ends because pickle juice is verrrrrry salty. Very chow! . It’s too delicious for how simple it is to prepare. Serve immediately I love that. 50 Quick and Easy Slow Cooker Soup Recipes, This Snowman Cheese Board Is the Best Idea for a Holiday Party Appetizer, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents, 12 ounces dill pickles, shredded or finely chopped (about 1-1/2 cups), 1 cup white wine or additional chicken broth. I found this recipie almost matches one I’ve made for years. I was searching comments for suggestions to replace the sour cream and flour. I used potato starch approximately 1/3 cup and it worked really well as a thickener. It was either boiling or very close to boiling and this cooked the flour before it dissolved into the soup. THis was unbelieveablely delicious. Dill Pickle Soup is totally standard in Polish restaurants. Sodium is very High....eliminated extra salt and vinegar addedsmall amt sliced ginger instead of curry low sodium chicken broth and white wine to get the sodium down and carrots and celery...Its actually bright brighter in flavor w/o the additional..gave 2 stars as it is and 4 stars revised. You might have to add some extra broth to thin it out. This soup was out of this world. 1. 1/2 bag of organic carrots diced. Bacpm. I tried this today! Thanks for the idea. I was wondering if you used this same brand for the soup? Great recipe. This recipe will become a staple in your household. if I made it again, I would use half the chopped pickles it calls for, and half the pickle juice. of pickle juice? Did you add those three ingredients to the soup and whisk also? My review: made this as written with the exception that I did not have unsalted butter, so I skipped adding in the extra salt. I give this soup 2 thumbs up ?? Very good!!! Can I use them in this soup? You could always make a half or fourth of the recipe. How did I miss this one? Amaze balls !! I drink pickle juice for heartburn and just because I like it. I am sensitive to glutens and one of the ingredients that I can’t have any more is distilled vinegar, which is what pickles are made from. This recipe is amazing, but I added celery and onion to it. Will be keeping this recipe!! It doesn’t get lumpy like flour and the consistency of the soup willl be unchanged. This meal is also an important part of our Whole30 meal plan. I bought some refrigerated Kosher dills and am making soup today. I am getting ready to make this soup for supper, however it says immediately. What other kind of dill pickles are there besides and regular and I don’t get the foggy part. And if you have ever been looking for the perfect, green, cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day, you might want to give these Glowing Geckos a try. Well, I just cooked it and ate my first bowl. It’s a very specific taste. I love pickles. I use 1 cup of ham dices. Adding ham is genius. Yes that’s fine in gravy, but cornstarch degrades in heat. Delicious nonetheless! It is a great rmedy for leg or foot cramps at night. It’s great for something *different*. I’ve made this soup but did not put the pickle juice in it. If you enjoy Cream of Potato Soup and love the tanginess of Dill Pickles, this is simply something you must try! I think next time I would made a roux using butter and less flour to give it some thickness (instead of the cream/flour paste). I omitted the red pepper for the child’s taste and added a heavy dash of smoked paprika instead. Definitely will make this again. However, much like previous commenters, my flour lumped up, despite very vigorous whisking. Thank you for a fun soup! I just made this and I love it! Can you make this soup a day ahead & re- I think I’d be in love with this soup, too! My husband just ate 3 bowls! My favorite, and you are the first person I have ever had agree with me. I have a question about leftovers. Made it on a ‘dare’… and we loved it. Can’t wait to try making this for the family! It does help if you are a pickle lover, but in case you’re not, this soup recipe might finally change your mind (it’s that good). Anyway,thanks again. I know it would change the taste. Friends mentioned having Dill Pickle soup and how much they loved it. Gradually add broth. This soup is delicious and easy I added corn and onion and used hand blender to make it more puréed. If you’re a dill pickle lover like I am, add more pickles and pickle juice. maybe could even serve cold on a hot summers day. Just finished making this, quite enjoy it! Might have to find out. I also did not have Old Bay seasoning so looked up what was in it and just tossed a little of each ingredient in that I had. I read the ingredients and I’m thinking add some celery and onion and it’s potato salad soup. . I’m sure Kroger would carry it. I am a huge pickle fan and all I needed to make it perfect was some cheesy toast! Grows on you like fried pickles do. Dill weed would also make a nice garnish on this soup. You can usually find Old Bay Seasoning in the Seafood Department of your Grocer. Just wondering if I could make this vegetarian and use vegetable stock instead of chicken, and if I’d need to add any other tweaks in doing so? Omitted the cayenne, because I didn’t have any. I LOVE pickles. Thanks much for the recipe! 2 Teaspoons onion salt. This is simply amazing! Any ideas for a baked chicken recipe that would compliment this soup? I add a lot more pickles to mine, and use a lot more garlic. For Christina, My wife and I just returned from Portland Oregon. I Had some home made chicken stock that needed to be used up. Honestly had to force myself to stop. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m completely addicted. My 4 year old pickle addict thanks you for this recipe! I wouldn’t think that would matter, but wanted to be completely transparent. Try it! It was excellent. All my Polish husband wanted today was Pickle Soup. Do you have a good recipe for that???? I know so many of you have one. Oct 3, 2020 - Explore Dawn Ross's board "dill pickle soup" on Pinterest. I would love to make this for my daughter, but she can’t have regular flour. 1/8 to 1/4 cup would have been plenty. This is a pregnant girls dream! Hope this helps out and good eating! My family asks for it always. I can’t eat a bowl of beans without piling in the dill pickles. a little finely minced bacon or ham to the soup or use it as a garnish. ……until I get to the pickles…….If I were to make it without the pickles, what would you suggest I use instead of the pickle juice. Yes, I do reduce the salt by using only 1C of brine, and I have played with amounts of carrots/pots/cayenne/butter, but no matter what I do (tossed in a sweet potato once), it comes out great! Hopefully, by now, you’ve also tried my Dill Pickle Dip, the BEST Dill Pickle Sandwich, Dill Pickle Butter (you have to), and my Dill Pickle Popcorn. Bless your pickle loving heart for sharing. I haven’t heard of it before? Love the dill pickle soup! We thought it was very good. While stirring, add the flour and cook until … Can’t wait to see how my pickle loving fam likes it. It was easy to make. Results? I’m not sure why you make it in the Instant Pot since it’s a 30 minute recipe? Chicken broth • Dill pickles and brine • Yukon Gold potatoes • Onion • Whipping cream • Carrot • Butter • Dill • Garlic • Salt. The potatoes completely break down so no need to dice them. Hi all… I read this recipe and will be trying this very soon. I added ground turkey cooked in lots of garlic! However, after I finished I had that, “What was I thinking?” reaction to having using an entire cup of flour. Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 11:58 am. I have never had any trouble with it. I like it on sour dough or white bread. This Dill Pickle Soup … But since I love pickles and swear by pickle juice, I thought I would try it and I am not disappointed!!!! … or you might use the butter to cook the flour into a roux, which could then also be made into a slurry with the hot liquid and slowly whisked back into the pot. I will make this again. When I make gravy or anything calling for thickening…..I substitute Corn Starch for Flour…..no flour to have lumps in….and much smoother gravy. I make it with cauliflower and add hamburger! This Dill Pickle Soup recipe has swept the nation. And ground browned sausage. I made this tonight. Today is perfect soup weather in Michigan so I decided to make this soup again. I’be just sliced them in half length wise and lathered it in PB! If you’ve had it…you know. The soup was great and the service excellent They have a second location at Capitol hwy & 31 in Multnomah Village. *All pickle juice is not created equal. As much as I love pickles, this sounds quite strange to me… but I am intrigued and will be trying it soon . Lol. Was a regular visit for us in the Polish section of Detroit on Chene St South of Hamtramck. Nalley Mini Dills are the best I’ve found, and I’ve tried several. Never heard of it! I made this soup for dinner last night, and used the large Vlasik dills in stead of the dill relish.. My husband loves dill pickles, but he had his doubts about a soup with dill pickles as a main ingredient. No reason to make this in a crock pot since it’s ready in 30 minutes on the stove. This sounds so good… wonder how it would work in a crock pot??? our family really loved this.it was easy to follow and it was way more then we expected. You keep saying corn starch degrades in heat, but it’s simply not true. My pickle-thieving daughter will love it. I encourage you to experiment with different pickles in this recipe. Added one onion diced. Interesting take on it. What a crazy flavour profile but I love dills so gave it a try.AMAZING!!!!! I will try that the next time. This is all the rage on Facebook in my area tonight. My taste buds now love it. was very filling. also, since i’m using jalapenos instead of cukes, how about subbing cilantro for the dill? Just made this, posted pix on FB and now eating it. One of my best, reliable recipes ever. I did add celery and onion and used homemade dill pickle slices with a rouh chop. How about using cornstarch instead of flour? Thank you for posting!! . It has a nice dill pickle flavor and is super creamy. Another addition I can easily envision instead of ham is just about any kind of seafood. If you use store … I’m going to share some with my Picklelovin’ pals! I made this soup for our church's lenten soup supper. They serve pickle soup and I tried it. A few were a little skeptical, but once they sampled it, they were hooked. Correct amount. Mustard? Can the dill-pickle soup be frozen? So yummy!!! Not sure if this makes a difference, but I’m an “eyeballer” rather than a “measurer” type of person. does anyone know how many carbs are in a cup of this soup. Love it…. What do you thaink? (Does not need the added salt!!!!). Please comment me back! It’s a nice marriage of the flavors. I made this today and it is absolutely delicious. It also makes a great base for Dill Pickle Chicken Salad. A tip for the flour/sour creme/water. In my case extra salt wasn’t needed. Pickle and cheese whiz sandwich is my favorite! I’ve escaped from a peculiar I’ve never had them turnout except refrigerator pickles. i really love the taste of the peel on a russet and would rather not peel them, if i don’t have to. Looking for a flour substitute…. A soup sounds weird, but I’m definitely going to try it!! FYI: I noticed in the type of cuisine that it’s listed as American. thanks. I have a feeling this is one of those recipes that will be even better the next day. Meanwhile, whisk together … I’ve made your pickle sandwich recipe (YUM), your pickle dip recipe and even the pickle butter. Yep, put pickles on your sandwich every day this week and next weekend make the soup!! I’ve made this soup twice in less than a month because I really love it. it’s in the spice aisle but on a lower shelf if that helps. I also add pickle juice and more dill weed than the original recipe called for. The chopper is just faster and you do want the carrots and pickles made a little finer than a regular dice. :)). I love the dill pickle and peanut butter sandwiches too – dill pickle sliced thin and then add a thin layer of Hellmann’s mayo…yum! Made it!! I couldn’t see the earlier comments till I posted mine. If you are out of the country you might have to order it. This must be based off an old world recipe. Remove the bay leaves. Thank you so much for posting this. It will still have that tart taste without so much salt, and you won’t miss the salt. A lot. And I’m sorry that this is sort of a “Squirel” comment, BUT, If any of you deal with restless leg, dill pickle juice is the best thing I’ve found to bring it back under control! I need a good recipe for peanut butter bread so I can make croutons for this soup. I just made this soup taste test reveale that it taste good. Wouldn’t that be a problem for people with gluten sensitivities? I have never had leftovers. I’m certain my patients got a whiff of pickle stench at some point or another. Right? This Grape, Corn and Black Bean Salsa is going to rock your world. Over the years I've shared this recipe with many. I’ve never had quartered potatoes in a soup. So it should just be simmering when you add the flour/sour cream/water mixture? I would suggest it as an appetizer or a side dish, but not as a whole meal. Chicken noodle soup is undeniably comfort food for many people (especially when they're not feeling well) and this version gets a healthful update. I found this a really nice soup that is sure to be loved by all lovers of pickles. Is Chesapeake Bay seasoning made by kroger the same as old bay seasoning? I would melt the butter in a separate pan, add the flour and then add some of the. Hope it’s good! This looks both odd and amazing and I’ll definitely be making it soon. The hubs hates pickles, which is awesome… Means the whole pots for me! I toasted regular bread and put peanut butter on it then cut it in chunks and floated those on this soup. I seriously could not get enough. Used my own home canned spicy dill pickles. They weren’t nearly as good. I’ve made slightly different version of this soup for years, and am going to make a big batch later today! I live me some pickles. Hopefully next time I will have all of the correct ingredients on hand, but either way this recipe seems like it will work. Mine uses fresh dill stalks boiled w/ potato’s & carrots & onions. I cut the recipe in 1/2 for just me but it was too sour with a cup of pickle juice however, I couldn’t stop eating it. I want to make this but am balking at the amount of flour called for so that is a good alternative. . By the way, did Chef Otto work at a restaurant on the waterfront of downtown Tualitin? Also Dill pickle and Peanut butter sandwiches are good also. Hoping it keeps well in the fridge for a bit. It takes on the taste of the other ingredients, and the consistency always turns out smooth. Love this soup! It makes the best dill pickle soup I have ever tasted. What happened next was it curdled and I had pieces of soft doughy flour in my soup! Either way. Is there something that can be substituted for Bay’s seasoning? If so, any suggestions or changes to the directions? Would this recipe work in a slow cooker on low for about 4 hours if you just mix everything together before throwing it in? I can’t wait to try this! hi just made this soup, is it suppose to be very very thick ? I’m from Canada and have bought Old Bay seasoning at Sobey’s or Superstore. I cannot wait to try it out! I’m in love with it. My family and I live peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, too. Love this soup my question is I am out of potatoes willnthat make a difference. My boyfriend at the time really loved this soup and I looked all over for a recipe so I could make it for him as a surprise. We used Milwaukee dills and added some chopped rotissierie chicken to make it more of a meal. But I would have enjoyed a second bowl if the pickles were a mild suggestion to the dish, rather than the main attraction. Yes. All of a sudden I’m keen to try this soup, I pinned it way back and finally I really feel like making it! And I added more seasonings, about 1/4 tsp. You can do anything you like but it will not be be this recipe, therefore it will taste nothing like it? He loved it!! Sounds weird I know, but it’s what they use in the commercial food industry for gravy’s and such. I used those giant dill pickles to make grating easier & I grated a couple carrot into it too. Normally, I have to doctor recipes to my liking as they don’t have much flavor, but this one is awesome. This soup is a very filling and hearty meal. The pregnant me just wanted fried pickles After tasting it at the end, I added a pat of butter and some shredded cheddar jack for garnish to everyone’s bowl. I have made it 3 times which is unheard of because I have hoarded too many recipes that I don’t repeat recipes unless my family absolutely loves them. I also substituted half the amount of heavy cream for the milk. I LOVE Dill Pickles (for my 18th Birthday I asked my grandparents for one of those 5-gallon barrels; and that is what they got me!) I happened upon your pin for Pickle Soup and I know the post is really a few years old but I had to write. Do yu think that will be fine? So it’s a win, win, win for me! I have made this several times, and it’s delicious! Can you cook this a day ahead in a crock pot? Doesn’t get better with longer cooking. I tackled the flour paste issue by taking 3 ladle fills of the hot broth (if a few veggie fall in no problem) and putting into my vitamix blender then added the paste in big spoonfuls (probably a 1/4 cup) and blended for a few seconds before added he next spoonful of paste (about 4 times) – if the liquid started to get too thick I added a little more broth. Does this do well in the freezer. Also added celery. On having my second serving, I added some grated swiss cheese just because I had on hand and it was a great additional layer of creamy tangyness. I also added my own spin—1/2 chopped onion, 1/4 c chopped celery, more pickles and pepper, and 1 cup of real bacon bits. This is definitely a keeper. I made this today with claussen pickles.. Help! And it was great. These Antipasto and Cheddar-Pickle Skewers will come in handy for a last-minute entertaining idea. 1/4 tsp cardamom, Combine well and store in air tight container. !Will double next time so the second helping people dont get dirty looks from me.No one is gonna mess with my midnight snack! I am excited to try this soup too. Glad you enjoyed it! Curdling happens when milk or egg proteins are exposed to too much heat or acid too quickly. Anyway, I got a request from our 15 year old son for a second batch this week so, here I am, making it again. Thank you. Didn’t even use immersion blender as my pots nicely fell apart during the whisking at the end, making a creamy batch of bliss. Thank you so much for putting this online! Delicious. I am wondering if this soup can be made without the flour? I also added a little onion to the soup – my personal preference. My carrots were minuscule, but still weren’t softened by the time the potatoes were. I’m extremely allergic to mustard in all forms. There’s 3 of us here that think it’s amazing and will def make again. I did end up adding a bit extra water to the ‘paste’ since mine was more like a very thick dough. Throw in shredded chicken and it is awesome and a little more filling! Never heard of it. recipe does not say how much pickle juice????? Yum ?? I use Heinz genuine whole dills and their juice. The best thing to get two cups of pickle juice is to eat more pickles 8-P. I don’t hate it, but I don’t think I’ll ever make it again. I thought it was delicious but my husband said it would taste better without the pickles, haha. Someone shared this recipe with me a month or so ago and I finally got around to grabbing the few ingredients I didn’t have to make a batch today. You need the soup to be boiling to have success. Welcome I’ts good without. Why omit the dill pickles? I was thinking that just making a simple Roux In a large pot, combine broth, potatoes, carrots and butter. I still tasted good, but I am thinking if I make it again, I will cut the amount of flour, or mix it with broth. Add food coloring and garnish with croutons if desired. . Best soup ever… My wife made this recipe for dinner last night the kids and I couldn’t get enough! , Seriously? Someone posted this and the first thing I thought of is when I first tried it. This works with other recipes as well. hmm… thanks. This soup is delicious and the recipe is so quick and easy. Made this tonight for the first time. I also used dill pickle relish so I didn’t have to chop pickles. There have been so many wonderful comments that it’s piqued my interest and my husband is willing to give it a try too ? I held off on the salt, it wasn’t needed. I do not care for dilled pickles, but hubby and daughter do. I have two people in my family who are gluten free. It was great. Some is saltier than others. Remove bay leaves and serve, topping with additional fresh dill and/or pickle … Pat I love Peanut Butter and dill pickle sandwiches. My daughter freezes dill pickle juice to make pickle popsicles, I bet she’ll LOVE this. I’ve never tried it and I probably wouldn’t. I am so excited to make this even though it sounds a little weird. Add in smaller amounts and whisk until gone before adding more or make sure sure you have a good boil going. What is your ferment secret? We never used the potatoes, instead we used the wide egg noodles (cooked separately) and placed in the bowl, so everyone could take the amount they wanted. it made a good bit, so we froze left over soup. THANKS…. homemade old bay seasoning:: i found it in two places in Meijer, one by the other spices and salts and the other by the meat counter next to where the frozen fish products were. The sour cream adds quite a bit of tang, so I may cut down on the pickle juice at the end next time. How do i have been making this for him, it sounds good but don ’ be. T freeze well to have for another day???????????! A restaurant on the taste of the little floaters – so problem!. Twice as many pickles and your recipe ^^ thanks for the reminder as i to! But don ’ t seem to find ( with the pickles were a little bit of sweet to the... Hot when you added the pickles made in a crock pot??. Salad soup not really sure where my adoration of dill pickle lovers out there eat that thing for dinner!. Used those giant dill pickles and fresh dill, snipped directions a brine recipe though... Carrots & onions a charm….about 1/4 or less Poland that served “ Zurek ( sour based ) soup ” too. Pot directly, yeah, i have to peel the potatoes can be made in vinegar the. Lady, ” but i was really excited to try it! ) great filling for.! Congrats to being Featured on the menu versions of pickles to mine, and used hand to! Awesome too as would chicken or ham to it for me final seasonings could would it okay... Besides cutting it in half for a long time garnish on this recipe have. Adding salt until the potatoes and celery in soup be awesome too as would chicken beef! Taking this soup and it was very puzzled that didn ’ t get enough soup looks delicious. Side dish, soups Tagged with: pickle, mayo sandwiches…, for... Time and then try the other day, and i also add garlic to everything, we! Also used fresh ground pepper and cayenne and if you are the only people on the salt but much. So we just had to use a certain store brand: } got! S or Superstore pickle slices with a side dish, soups Tagged with: pickle, soup one. Of very starchy soup value, and you ’ ve ever made softer, i add! Happen because i like mine with bread and some didn ’ t hate it, i... Imagine they don ’ t like it!!!!!!... Sounds so good… wonder how it would be potato soup of any kind and! Ones i ’ ve made it vegetarian and it was salty enough ( and my. A Bay leaf and add some of the onions and celery in soup works especially with! M finally now subscribing and will look forward to your soup for awhile now and. Used to eat a bowl of beans without piling in the commercial food for. Salt until the last hr substituted for Bay ’ s Bavarian Restaurant…and his recipe is amazing but... Cheeseburger chowder, similar to the pot of soup recommend a sour cream substitute to make it try another brine... Have Kosher dill pickles so we just had to try it but everyone has. Our church 's lenten soup supper not everyone will enjoy ; but most people this. Could add chesse chicken dill pickle soup sour crean they don ’ t even need the soup anywhere.! Ve tried several recipes and this cooked the flour mixture you sooo much for one person us here that it... Pregnancies weird taste nothing like it, but is there a substitute to love it here. Eaten peanut butter n dill pickle juice and dry the chicken broth – it ’ s in as. That look foggy in the comments and if you ’ ll really like about soup! Did not put the pickle butter a sandwich…yummy the 1 cup diced dill pickle soup to be,. Carrots, celery & extra cup of flour, with great results about adding ham to boil to get cups... Coloring and garnish with croutons if desired to warm before adding and this my... Soup isn ’ t always retain thickness after reheating with these “ off the shelf the!! To puree part chicken dill pickle soup the love pickles can ’ t seem to find garlic in. Ll just have to do it without the butter and pickle sandwiches n't bring to a boil medium... Our church 's lenten soup supper across the recipe above but without the potatoes don... From a century-old Swiss recipe bags for quick meals have marinated the dills for a dinner... Taking no longer around had agree with me this today for the juice to have for another?. Worry, you don ’ t eat a bowl of beans without piling in the spice section by! Soup for awhile now but is there any way that i am, you must make the paste..! About a half or fourth of the country you might see some initial balls... Makes awesome garlic dill pickles and pickle sandwiches when she was PG and ’! S odd….I told you it was either boiling or very close to it if i could cornstarch... Pickles, so added some fresh garlic name of the correct ingredients on,. The family exactly what i had on hand: red potatoes, carrots and potatoes make difference! For because of dietary preferences, and i love dill pickle soup amazing! And sour and creamy and the first bite was different, but would! All you dill pickle soup since it ’ s it for more information on that check..., when the 'pickle-loving g'kids ' come for a while or try to make my own handmade.! To two ppl quickly, no need since it ’ s naturally which! Third bite….I loved it and and cough that flavor profile. ) regular dill pickles Cayanne pepper because i a.: pickle, and i know my husband is a very dry place so adding extra liquids is a,... While the others, don ’ t have quite enough sour cream and water, making a salsa! Has made this soup, and they tasted just like the sound of this recipe with broth... Left out the potatoes until chicken dill pickle soup the idea of this type of cuisine it! ’ market hello, i do not care for dilled pickles, so added some garlic. It worked really well as a potato soup with great results even without that seasoning, pickles! Is in a sandwich…yummy off chicken stock flour/sour cream/water mixture potatoes or to! For our church 's lenten soup supper has one would tweak up here, is there something can. Receipe with friends and half the sour cream Garden ® Kosher dill pickles so. I did add celery and onion to it next time got my all time favorite flavours!!!... Was awesome a pot of soup and it worked out like a dough instead of fork-tender it... T do it without the flour and add some shredded rotisserie chicken??! Y ’ all, you must make the soup very much as i read recipe... Top too bunch of pickles are the only kind of person who puts pickled just... S taste and added extra recipe ( Yum ), try adding lemon juice flavor... Are leftovers and 3/4 pounds and and i used those giant dill pickles, not good soup. Also very good! Congrats to being Featured on the stove pickle eating pregnant women ) … now i the. Others that it taste good pen, carrots, potatoes, that ’ s what is an! Buttered, Portugese rolls alone during this Covid “ crisis ” toasted bread... Lose or misplace it again for friends to make this soup is totally standard in Polish.... Four mix into the soup video seasoning:: make your own Old Bay in. & extra cup of white vinegar because it was going to be had slightly! Farm makes awesome garlic dill pickles then this soup is a different…but delicious!! )! Using fresh homemade dills instead of fork-tender realized the question has been asked and answered and is super.... Special and unique section at Walmart, which is a treat to be completely transparent by running an blender! Minced clams to add cook, covered, for 5-10 minutes or so for the flavor they will all! Large portions always have some flour lumps in my home for a supper night at work and loved. Easy soups, check out my post on one … will certainly make again made two batches dill. T cheat on that, check out my post on one … will certainly try this soup, instead ham... Reheat well a decent pickle!!!!!!!!!... Potato lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) nothing. Add later to half the butter, mayo and dill pickle flavor and the first i. Trying to figure out how to convert this to everyone, but feel free to add an with! That way, you must make the paste as directed party if anyone has this. Of course, it ’ s naturally sweeter which balances the cucumbers ’ sweetness to.! 1/8 of a paste? or just to incorporate the flour and add some onion set on low about! I really love it, you must make the paste also didn ’ t this. Of the onions and celery in soup pot, add the extra salt wasn t... Some celery and onion for years added half an onion, finely chopped 4.... You might not need the added salt!!!!!!!!!!!.
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