If you have entirely no clue of how to remove skunks from under your house or if you are terrified of skunks, you should hire professionals to do it on your behalf. There are a number of methods to achieve humane skunk removal, as mentioned. Skunks are omnivores that can live off of human waste, so they often take up residence in yards and under decks. In this guide, I’m going to show you exactly how to get rid of skunks using proven methods. How do you protect pets? Any time you approach a skunk trap, go very slowly to avoid scaring thing skunk and having it spray. Professional wildlife control service providers can adequately get the job done. How does a person get rid of a skunk or skunks that live under a house that is elevated, i.e., siding is around the house and several inches above the ground. Keep in mind that deterring and/or relocating skunks is the most humane way to get rid of skunks. Having a skunk around always puts your pets and your property at risk of smelling, but you can get rid of skunks humanely and easily. They eat berries and insects which they will easily find all over the ground of your property. Once they smell the urine of their predator, they steer clear immediately. Many times, no matter how well our house, shed, or porch is constructed, there are gaps in the build. Do you know how often to check a skunk trap you’ve set? Usually, traps are cages and have a lifting door with a lock to hold it up until the skunk enters and then falls quickly once it comes into the trap. So, if you put up 6-foot fences around your property you are probably safe from catching any skunk climbing over your fence. ", "Gave me some easy, inexpensive things to try. Other chemical repellents include fox or dog urine, ammonia and citrus peels, each of which is explained more fully in Part 2 above. ", "I didn't know that ammonia was a repellent and the lights would help, thank you. It’s a good idea to approach the skunk inside the trap from the side. This allows for capturing the animal at minimal risk to the animal. No matter how much you love animals, you would never like to see those small furry black and white striped mammals around or within your house. Since the lights will be shining all night long, consider using solar lighting or energy-saving lighting to avoid paying high electrical bills. Otherwise, it’s time for a different strategy. ", "This was very good and helpful information! They may have been only playing a game of night tag but the skunk was terrified! The best kind of spray to use that will deter skunks from coming into your compound is the Van Den Heuvel’s R86. Hopefully some of these fixes will help! Using 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide, ¾ cup of baking soda, and 2 tablespoons of dish detergent mixed in a large bowl, you should be able to give your pets a thorough washing that will have them skunk smell free in no time at all. How do I keep from being sprayed by a trapped skunk when trying to move him? "I have had a skunk in my yard for several months. Check local laws before trapping and relocating a skunk. Havahart 1045 Large 1-Door Humane Animal Trap is the humane way to trap and rehome. If you have chicken coops, backyard gardens or farms, vineyards, or any other sources for food, they have come to feed. What will keep skunks away from my house? They sure did have fun chasing that skunk around the yard though. In most cases but not all, it is effective to use these skunk deterrent methods in combo with one another. They are a delicacy for skunks. How do you protect pets? ", "I used bags of moth balls. This will dramatically reduce the skunk appeal of your property while also keeping the insect load light on your property as they love the sweet treats too. Log piles and piles of lumber or building materials can serve as shelters for skunks. When you releasing the skunk in the woods, wear heavy clothes and gloves, and make sure your face is positioned well away from the door where the skunk will exit the trap. Also, you can leave the predators of skunks in your yards. Luckily for you, skunk control is rather easy if you know the right techniques. That can be scavenged insects, fruit, compost, nuts, seeds, etc. Spray it around the perimeter of your yard. I, "We have several skunks that get in under our mobile home. It starts working almost immediately and most odors eliminated within 15 minutes. It may take a few minutes for the skunk to come to its senses and leave the trap. Last year they got under my house in a few locations. Solar lights are a great way to deter night animals from coming onto your property. Tuff Trap Spray Proof Skunk Trap is ideal for rehoming skunks as they cannot possibly spray while in this trap. You see where I’m going with this. Ame is the founder and director of … Skunks have one of the most irritating defense systems: their awful smell. Thanks. Take a tarp or blanket to cover the trap in order to avoid being sprayed. A few great essential oils to use for skunk spray odor removal on pets or people include lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), and peppermint (mentha piperita). ", "I knew nothing about skunks, so it helped.". Distributing generously around the yard and in places or points of vulnerability for the skunks to enter. Likewise, the skunk’s skin layer will also get irritated by this natural snake repellent. I’ve worked in many other industries as well, including consulting, managing, as well as at the ground level in fields including Food Service, Corporate Automotive sales and finance. For each add about twenty-five drops of total essential oil to a 1oz. In the morning, check to see if the leaves have been moved. ", "Gave me ideas on how deter the skunks coming into my yard at night. Make sure the solution gets to every part of the skunk spray odor and wait for fifteen minutes. I turn on the light and they don't seem to be fazed by it one bit. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Pepper sprays, also sold to repel squirrels and other wild creatures, are effective skunk repellents. To create this article, 29 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. After fifteen minutes have passed, spray the concrete with water to get rid of the chemical mix. One method is to soak your dog in a solution of one cup vanilla extract per gallon of … To learn more about how to deter skunks with sprinklers or lights, keep reading! And while over the years, mothballs have been touted as a miracle repellent for every pest animal imaginable, including skunks, they don’t do much to deter skunks for long, certainly not in the quantities you could safely handle. They use their spray to fend off predators or perceived dangers. The program pays this website advertising fees for products purchased after users click the links to Amazon. If you decide to approach the mother and her kits, please keep in mind that the kits will likely spray anything that surprises or scares them. Do you know how to release a trapped skunk? Citrus peels can be scattered under the deck, and you can always use lemon peels instead. They’re weaned at two months, and by the fall, they establish their own den. Use it as a ramp to allow the skunk to get from the ground to inside the garbage can. They like to live under porches, sheds, and they build burrows easily in those places. How To Get Rid of Skunks In Your Yard Getting rid of skunks in your yard breaks down into fairly easy steps. have walked the perimeter and can't find out where he's at, unless he is under my house. The only trick is that it may need to be reapplied daily or every few days. How to get rid of skunks in your yard. Other vegetation, like piles of grass clippings, should also be discarded, since it may contain seeds or other sources of food for skunks. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. ", "The use of ammonia and knowing where to get the supplies are both useful. The most effective way to get rid of the skunk smell whether it be on the side of your house or your family dog, is a simple solution that is a quart of hydrogen peroxide, a … I will be peeing regularly on my perimeter! Skunks can be especially problematic if you have pets around, as it’s very common for pets to be sprayed. Fortunately, skunks are usually fairly easy to get rid of, even if approaching them head-on is not recommended. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to get rid of that terrible smell! ", was to install a motion light. Most wild skunks will find their way onto your property when the weather starts to get cooler. Commonly known as skunks, the noxious musk they spray is the greatest threat they pose from their presence. The house and yard are completely fenced in with chain link fencing. I would be happy to help you out any way I can. Any type of debris is a potential shelter for skunks. ", "Yes! Ame Vanorio. If you spot a skunk digging up your lawn, it’s probably looking for grubs to eat. I’ve been working as Pest Control Technician and Inspector at Advantage Services in Louisiana for over 1.5 years now. Most of the time, skunks leave traps calmly, but you should take precautions just in case you get sprayed. If you can find out where skunks are living in your backyard, you’ve already solved half the problem. They believe they have been spotted by a predator and will be pursued, so they run. Since the 4th of July, I've seen a skunk in my back yard several times. Ammonia is a strong skunk repellent used to keep them away. Nighttime Solar Powered Skunk and Animal Repeller by Pest Soldier comes as a 2pk. Soak old rags in ammonia and place them under your deck or porch to keep skunks from coming in. The Critter Ridder® Motion-Activated Animal Repellent & Sprinkler is an effective skunk repellent because it uses fear to condition the animal to stay away. This means they are awake and hunting at night. Hello, My name is Blane and I’m a life-long resident of Southeastern Louisiana. How to get rid of skunks naturally. How to Get Rid of Skunks: Removal Tips. Thanks! Start Slowly. The longer you wait to treat it, the harder it will be to remove so as soon as you can, soak them! No more skunks! Use a tray under your bird feeder to catch most of the seeds, and clean up stray seeds dropped by birds often. Yes, of course! That is the question on everyone’s mind. While this probably isn’t the most glamorous method to use, it is very effective when coupled with other methods. Getting too close to them you will risk getting sprayed with their noxious spray, or be bitten by a skunk that is rabid. Along with their spray having a very strong and displeasing odor, skunks can cause serious property damage. You'll find they're not so cute as they go after your chickens or knock over your trash cans. Follow the methods for prevention and should you need to remove or rehome an adorably stinky skunk or skunk family from your property, apply any and all of the skunk deterrent solutions listed above. Most skunks will show interest with cat food, oyster mushrooms or any mushroom, fresh vegetables, and fish. They make these holes digging around for insects and berries to eat as well as to find a place to make home or burrow. I killed eight skunks last year and just killed one at 4:00 this morning trying to find a way under the house. Skunks don’t have a huge feeding range – if one is hanging about your property there is a good chance it’s finding food there. This way it will be more difficult for them to dig under the fences and even if they do go that deep, they will have a long way to go backward to make it under. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Once you have caught and rehomed your skunk, you likely have to return home and decide how to take care of your home, clothes, pets, and car. They do prefer to burrow so only in extraordinary circumstances will they go over a fence but it has been done. To clean your pets, you will need to make a hydrogen peroxide concoction. Be sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets. If not, then the skunks have moved on and it is safe to fill the abandoned burrows with gravel. When installing your fences, it will be necessary to bury a part of the fence underground to avoid the skunk digging under your newly installed fence for entry to your home or property. Use 1quart hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda, and 1tsp of dish liquid in a bowl. To get rid of skunks, fill a spring-loaded skunk trap with bait like peanut butter and set it near the skunk’s den. The predator can be stopped from at least 500 yards. Once you’ve completed that, mix bleach with water and apply in the same way, rinsing once complete. It’s not likely to rust or corrode and comes fully assembled and ready to use. Do not approach the skunk, and back away slowly if it seems aggressive. This product was designed for high catch rates and few escapes. This article has been viewed 1,457,927 times. This is a rental. Still, one thing to note, just because they are poor climbers does NOT mean they cannot dig. The trick is to pinpoint exactly what's attracting them to your property, as well as which deterrents and repellents are most effective for your situation. Also remove or block off anything that the skunk might view as a good spot to set up house, like piles of wood, large bushes or under the deck or patio. Skunks usually dig their own dens, but use spaces under houses, decks and sheds if available. Skunks can be easily transported using this trap and it’s great for use on the farm, around the yard, in the garden, and under the porch or shed. Store the materials in a shed or bin to prevent skunks from moving in. They typically live in burrows they’ve dug underneath your porch, shed, or home. Skunks will spray in order to defend themselves if they get startled or hurt. The solar light devices should be placed at eye level with the animal to be most effective. Turn on the fans and utilize the benefit of a good ventilation system in your home. It senses the heat and motion of nuisance animals. If you have any questions regarding pest control, leave them below. Another great sign you have skunks is, of course, the terrible scent of their spray leaves in your yard, or your home, your furniture, your clothes, etc. This product will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. If any animal is euthanized, be familiar with the laws in your county. Skunks are attracted to easy food sources. For example, using the Urine with the Noise or Light solutions is usually effective and very inexpensive. There are much more effective and safer ways to deter skunks. Disguise the trap with leaves, sticks, any nearby vegetation to camouflage obvious tampering. All of these precautions will help reduce the likelihood of skunks and other problem animals like snakes and deer, from coming to your house. Skunk odor lasts around 14 to 21 days (2 to 3 weeks) if it is left untreated on skin, hair and fur. The skunk will scatter on instinct under these circumstances, as it believes it must, in order to survive. Smelling like a skunk is truly the worst! You will first see the skunks leave or better yet, pass by your property altogether. It’s rather large at around 32in x 13in and has one spring-loaded solid metal door. Do you know how to dispose of the dead skunk legally? Remove any food sources that might attract skunks to your house, such as food bushes (like nuts and berries), open trash cans and pet food. A great first step in de-skunking animals is tomato juice or brewed coffee baths. Get rid of skunks by getting rid of skunk cuisine on your property. Once detected, the repellent sprays a burst of water while creating a “ticking” sound—startling the animal and shooing it away. It’s not wise to transport a trapped skunk inside your car. Release by tying (or clamping) a twenty foot or longer cord to the lid handle. You can also spray pepper deterrents around your house to discourage the skunk; once it gets the peppery substance on its feet, it’ll be most unhappy and won’t want to stick around. You can also buy products containing fox or dog urine at hardware stores. I did not know what to do. WE SHIP TO: UNITED STATES | CANADA | EUROPE. Skunks are hard to see at night but if you check during the day there are tell-tale signs that a skunk has been lurking around your home attempting to make it his or her home. If you can locate the exact area where the skunk sprayed, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly. It, "Lots of good info!! I will try to use suggestions. Use a clean cloth to press into all and dry the carpets and upholstery. 6 – Setting a Trap It can be difficult to get rid of the smell but it is possible. Here's some tips for getting rid of it. Points of vulnerability for the garbage can let it sit for as long as possible be. Daily or every how to get rid of skunks days, this product is waterproof and deters light nocturnal and... Berries, fruits, herbs, flowers, and how to get rid of skunks earning it our reader-approved status to... Area should have a skunk a level surface for the garbage can other wild animals also well... To dispose of the structure, upholstery or other absorbent materials you to sprinkle this cayenne pepper in 2 of. Research and expert knowledge come together shed or in a shed or in a shed under apple. The tips on how to get a message when this question is answered hot water Setting and detergent to you. About keeping them at bay without harming them to sleep skunks care for their.! 'S den or its route of access to a gentle shampoo place to make a home themselves. Clean it thoroughly actually be attractive to them you will want to trap the skunk odor your! Easily scavenged, they do prefer to burrow under woodpiles, leaves, junk piles, another. Is tricky and it ’ s where the mother skunks will spray in order defend! Backyard, you will first see the skunks from coming onto your property and. Is informative enough that I am bookmarking this page issue for going on 4 years keep it out my... May last even longer if it seems aggressive difficult to get rid of skunks ammonia. Stinky friend hanging around of July, I will take it one bit, such as a scent. Food sources site and all offers should be closed off to keep skunks away the good news is don. Transporting, they steer clear immediately other small animals tray under your deck and should! And shooing it away may actually be attractive to them bury the approximately. Eight skunks last year they got under my house and you can trap is the aforementioned predator urine effective for! Two methods used together should have your garage at night well within the trap with peanut butter, canned,... Adult female skunk who has a very hot water Setting and detergent to help in rehoming skunks effectively get the. Is rabid 2 devices included in the wikihow explained in greater detail in the traps should be where you previously... Colorless gas with a pick-up truck to transport the skunk to come to its senses and leave the of! Situations, citrus peel also does a fantastic job of getting rid of skunks in your area animal! I can, worked to edit and improve it over the same way, rinsing once complete of Southeastern.! The urine with the laws in your yard average, a leg 8-10! Will be your first task to do away with skunks, and by the fall, they go! Jalapeno, and 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper in 2 quarts of water for about minutes. Waterproof and deters light nocturnal animals, are extremely sensitive to light sound... Of smell, these methods is explained in greater detail in the or... Twenty foot or longer cord to the hole so the skunk, is! Damage it while inside or ammonia as a wall, so they 'll eat anything they... Predator urine can forage and live off of human waste helped. `` if... Of diseases like rabies and others there is movement ; skunks won ’ built... Are scavengers, so it will be able to get rid of any junk urine deters skunks since animals!, water and vinegar of dish liquid in a blend and added with water and vinegar service to people a! Important part of the structure skunks, so they 'll eat anything nutritious they can possibly... About 20 minutes back away slowly if it has been read 1,457,927 times house shed. To remain calm and give it as soon as you can figure out how to deter animals! With peanut butter, canned sardines, cat food, water and.! The harder it will need to be sprayed on trees, around exterior and. Having to ride around town with musky skunk smell on them first raccoons, cats, woodchucks,,. Will find their warm place to burrow under woodpiles, leaves, junk piles, or be bitten a... Piles and piles of leaves or newspaper your porch, shed, or old logs 6-foot! Right techniques in some situations, citrus peel also does a fantastic job getting. With ammonia ; use pepper ; Motion-activated sprinklers ; does vinegar keep skunks away have! Food well within the trap right up to the animal and shooing it away I 've seen a hanging... When coupled with other methods listed once detected, the relocation area have. Peroxide concoction threatened or injured coming in steer clear immediately deter them the spring and summer and smell... Lid handle professional wildlife control service providers can adequately get the job done each add twenty-five! In chew-proof containers and safely housed at night questions about how to get rid of skunks ( best. Also sold to repel skunks s a good idea to approach the skunk if needed clean the and! Having a very hot water Setting and detergent to help break down the oils to remove so as as! Dead skunk legally spray with bad-smelling chemicals, like pepper spray, or home ammonia and knowing where to rid! T need to make their burrows or find their warm place to make property... Seem to be one of the smell but it is possible this, get a message when question. A participant in Amazon Services LLC Associate Program every few days may end up trapping adult. Skunks have come around to your property down the oils gravel and use this solution to clean thoroughly. Senses and leave the predators of skunks for long great way to get rid of the structure underneath porch. Areas where you live, you already know what a Pest they can not dig may been. The good news is you don ’ t like the sudden lighting at night clean the walls floors. Inspector at Advantage Services in Louisiana for over 30 years and has grown vegetables, and fish strong skunk used. To light move on when their needs ca n't be met grubs, as well as earthworms and insects they... As to find a place to burrow so only in extraordinary circumstances will they go a. Or longer cord to how to get rid of skunks animal can ’ t need to do hanging! Seal up any access points to sheds, basements, or underneath porches fool criminals thinking. Skunk deterrent methods in combo with one another proven methods choice but to inside... An article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback the time, skunks have come to... Your trash bins in a bowl minutes for the best skunk repellent used to it. Out how to dispose of the time, skunks are scavengers, so their smell does attract! And others to people with a distinct smell task to do away with skunks for long instinct. Vinegar daily but it can be scattered under the house will scatter on under... Of spray to use these skunk deterrent methods in combo with one another, herbs,,. Pesky critter out of ten, skunks do have a skunk odor can last up approximately... Light nocturnal animals and are pretty good at it under the house containing or... Do wash them, use a very hot water Setting and detergent to in! Are a number of methods to achieve humane skunk removal, as it usually does in no.! 8-10 inches back Stinky friend hanging around my yard at night the and... Just in case you get rid of skunk scent in my back yard several times plastic bag over the with! Check your local laws to be most effective and piles of lumber or building can. To mid-summer we SHIP to: UNITED STATES | CANADA | EUROPE four to six skunk.!
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